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Your options are LIMITLESS

If you are looking for a totally bespoke wrap, with a fully personalised design, unlimited customisable elements, and a look that will stand out - look no further than an Identity digitally printed wrap


From your design brief we create a package fully tailored to your specific concept, combining our in house design expertise, market leading wrap films such as 3M and Avery printed wrap film with 100's of bespoke vinyl finishes to give you a wrap unlike any other on the road.

This gives you unlimited options to either get your company branding out to the public, or have a unique wrap designed and created, with a finish such as rust, patina, wood, metal work or airbrushed effect. 

Suitable for any vehicle type - such as cars, vans, bikes, planes, track cars, buses, or an entire fleet of lorries - and everything in between! If you want to own a truly unique, one of a kind vehicle, the Identity digitally printed wrap is for you.  


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